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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic questions that our clients most of the time ask us so we decided to answer all of them here.

Various companies are expected to expand their business in Europe under the PAK Euroliance flagship any enterprises will be encouraged and facilitated in the designated European destinations to broaden their commercial operations

Currently there is no pacific figure in mind however the objective is to individually & collectively get all national enterprises to collaborate with one another and seize the opportunity of enabling Pakistan to become the leading export partner of Europe in the construction and real estate market which has the potential to become multibillion-dollar venture.

The notion is to invent an advance logistical network which meets the requirements of construction and renovation projects in Europe. Therefore teaching the local manufacturers, vendors the basic practices of investment and trade. Once the level of understanding is acknowledged in less developed areas in Balochistan province the second ultimatum will be to raise their standards in production through awareness campaigns transforming the designated trading economic zones as a bargaining destinations of Pakistan hosting trade exhibition events annually setting up platforms to have foreign investors trading with local manufacturers and vendors. 

Turbat, Quetta, Loralai, Panjgur, Awaran. Gwadar, Kalat, Khuzdar, Lasbela, Chaman, Hub, Hyderabad, Karachi,

Trading strictly takes place systematically where reimbursements of payments between investors & vendors take place through bank transaction where all payments can be logged and accounted for. The motive is to safeguard every investor, vendor and preventing fraudulent activities.

The implosion is to transfigure Balochistan province into bustling investment and trade destination of Pakistan using the expertise of trade taking place methodically like in big cities such as Karachi, Lahore & Faisalabad and most importantly making the products and services universally competitive in a bid to attract foreign investors to trade in Pakistan.

PAK Euroliance is expected to be fully operational when construction & renovation operations are taking place in eleven European countries. Both of these operations will be supported by the supply chain network from Balochistan & Sindh provinces of Pakistan through sea freight and rail line network from Pakistan connecting to Iran, Turkey. In the future Turkey will be considered as the dispatch centre of Europe where consignment of goods will be distributed to eleven European countries.

Every potential investor, tradesman, craftsman & self-employed consignment coordinator will go through a submission process managed by SIG compliance department. Once the submission process is successfully approved a certificate of clearance will be issued.

The rail route is currently being examined & negotiations are set to take place with the rail ministries of Pakistan, Iran & Turkey. Once PHASE 1 is fully operational the rail route will be established on PHASE 2 of PAK Euroliance project.

Bulgaria, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia 

A ten year plan is organised to make the logistical network from Balochistan province highly advance. It consists of two phases where PHASE 1 is focusing on getting the trading segment regulated and gradually activating all the trading economic zones in Balochistan province. Having the registered vendors, craftsman and self-employed consignment coordinators operating through technological assistance so every aspect of trade taking place is transparent, efficient.

The main objective is to grasp the opportunity of making Pakistan the largest renovation contractor in Europe. Thirty-five industries are attached to construction & real estate sectors and the motive is to facilitate the products and services to access the global market European region is a stepping stone for achieving universal accomplishment. PAK Euroliance venture will increase exports, remittance and getting industries to further enhance their productivity annually.

Thirty five industries are included on the PAK Euroliance project.

Thirty five industries are included on the PAK Euroliance project.

Vaqas Mohammed Chohan CEO of (SIG)

Bulgaria is considered as the main export & trade partner of Pakistan on PAK Euroliance project due to the fact majority of the construction & renovation projects will be taking place in Bulgaria. Secondly Bulgaria is the neighbouring of Turkey which is the dispatch centre of raw materials coming from Pakistan. The economical real estate market value of Bulgaria and being situated in the most strategic geo-economic location in East Europe enables Bulgaria being the front face of PAK Euroliance. However this does not mean the rest of the ten European countries are rated as secondary certainly not. Every European country is equally important the incentive is to bring economic stability in all the designated countries on PAK Euroliance project.

Many factors will be presented to the media some developments would will include western & northern European countries coming on board on PAK Euroliance & the free trade movement rail line is established, operational between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. All updates will be published on YouTube, social media pages.