Pak Euroliance


The Export Facilitation Unit (EFU) Is managed under the Compliance Trading Standards Board (CTSB). The (EFU) is analogous to an after-sale service working as a distribution channel ensuring the consignment of goods reach the transhipment ports of Karachi & Gwadar evenly. Managing the consignment of goods is one of the vital aspects of PAK Euroliance project. This systematized configuration is in place to upheld investors contingent upon if assistance is required at any time. (CTSB) permits self-employed Consignment Co-ordinators working on behalf of investment professionals subject to the application process being successfully approved by (SIG). Once the applicant is accepted to work as a Consignment Co-ordinator a certification of clearance will be issued to the authorized claimant. The newly registered Consignment Co-ordinator is cleared to represent an investment professional under the remote management of (CTSB).

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