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About CEO Vaqas Chohan Pak Euroliance

Vaqas Mohammed Chohan (NICP)

CEO Sagacious Investment Group


Being at the helm of Sagacious Investment Group (SIG) it is a great privilege & responsibility presenting the development & growth initiative of Pakistan. I am enthusiastic about making a contribution towards upholding the economic stability of Pakistan. The primary objective is to maximize the true potential of Pakistan’s geo-economics location which has enabled the PAK Euroliance project emerging to become fully operational on all platforms in Balochistan & Sindh provinces. It has been an uphill struggle from the very first moment implementing the PAK Euroliance project. The incentive has always been to strengthening the business communities in Pakistan and enabling the products and services to access the global markets on a large scale. My vision is impending based on taking practical steps to form a prodigious industrial grid in Balochistan province which emulates to Karachi city.
It is an introspective acuity giving preference to enlivening the local business communities invented to be compliant in every aspect of investment and trade taking place in an analytical method where accountability, translucence is demonstrated befittingly. The ultimatum is to earn the dependability of twelve European countries as an export affiliate navigating Pakistan to become an unfaltering reformation service provider operating from the designated trading economic zones (TEZ) of Balochistan & Sindh provinces. I welcome all the attentive, goal-orientated aspiring people to be involved on the PAK Euroliance project. My corporate values are based on transcendence and assortment all the necessary guidance for ambitious investors, vendors and craftsmen are in place in full support. It is my passion to formulate one of the most advanced supply chain networks in Pakistan’s history which has the capability of supporting various infrastructure development projects simultaneously in Europe.