Herby I make the application to SIG which is the umbrella company of PAK Euroliance project. I will be representing myself as a tradesman on PAK Euroliance venture subject to my application being approved. I fully understand PAK Euroliance is an export orientated, multidimensional venture where foreign nationals will be looking to trade with suitable, reliable tradesman in Balochistan & Sindh provinces of Pakistan. As a statutory requirement in order to become a legitimate tradesman on PAK Euroliance I agree to fulfil the guidelines set by the Compliance Depart of SIG to register my business. The purpose is to obtain an NTN number legitimately through BRA/FBR agencies of Pakistan. I agree to evidently declare my annual revenue acquired from the PAK Euroliance project where my tax will be filed annually fulfilling the legalities of making tax reimbursements every year to BRA/FBR agencies. I consider SIG enterprise as a figure of authority and give permission on forwarding my application to BRA/FBR agencies in order for me to become an approved tradesman on PAK Euroliance.

The SIG Compliance Co-ordinator has explained to me thoroughly trading is one of the crucial aspects of PAK Euroliance project and every approved tradesman is obligated to conduct their interchange occupation with morality. I fully understand profiteering is strictly prohibited it is considered as a serious breach of misconduct such undignified acts damage the distinction of every tradesman operating on PAK Euroliance project. If a trading policy is violated SIG as an establishment are within their right to terminate my approved trading designation with immediate effect. As a part of the trading policy every tradesman will be required to open a business account with an approved state-owned bank acting as one of the partners of PAK Euroliance where methods of payments can be made electronically. The essence is to formally systemize all the operations taking place and having an approved bank will enable to keep a log on the volume of trade between investment professionals and tradesman. Every year a detailed publication will be dispensed in relation to the progress being made on PAK Euroliance. As a tradesman applicant aspiring to contribute on PAK Euroliance, I am satisfied with the trade policies stipulated by SIG enterprise therefore I fully accept the fact once I have signed up for the terms and conditions it becomes a formal agreement.  and it will be legally obligatory for me to comply according to the trading rules which have been stated in this document.